All About Wikis

Welcome to our FIRST Class WIKI!

Congratulations! If you are here, you have successfully completed the first step.

Before we go much further, I though it might be helpful to explain the basics of a Wiki. The Wiki, is actually more familiar than you think, and yes Wikipedia is the most popular form of this technology.

What is a Wiki?

Wikis are a simple Web-based document editing tool. This public forum allows multiple people to access and modify the contents of the documents or pages and can be accessed from anywhere and any device with web access.

The following links can provide additional information on the in's and out of wikis.

Wikis in Plain English - nice simple video overview
Wiki Walk-Through - tutorial of basic functionality
More Instruction - a bit more detail on functionality

These links are just a sampling of available information on wikis and their use in education. I am absolutely NOT the first teacher to use a wiki for classwork! This experience is probably only the first of many online collaboration
experiences that you will learn from as you further your education.

If you are really curious, you can certainly 'Google' for more information or feel free to email me with any questions.

This wiki is a protected publicly viewed page and only invited members have rights to Edit our pages.

Basic Navigation for Wiki Members:

The Wiki is set up with links to various pages containing the information available for editing. For our purposes we will be using the basic functions of EDIT, SAVE and LINK . You may also add a file, table or other media to any page, if you feel that is appropriate. It's OK to explore, Don't worry! If you mess things up - you can UNDO undo.PNG or simply CANCEL instead of saving your changes. cancel.PNG All the controls are on a tool bar that becomes visible when you first hit the EDIT button in the upper right side of the page.edit.PNG This edit button is only available after you sign in.

Our First Lesson:

To be active on the wiki, you must first SIGN UP. is free and just takes in few moments.
We will step through the process in class to make sure everyone gets started in the right direction. I have sent an email invite to your school email address. This email will instruct you through the first SIGN UP and SIGN IN process.
Open your email invite now and click on the link, You will see this login screen:

(add screen captures and walk thru here)
After you Signup, you must always SIGN IN to gain access to the editing features.

If you really get stuck use the online Help from the toolbar- it really is helpful!

Important Note:

Each student will be assigned a text color to help track your contributions to our work. Always use this text color when adding information or editing a document/page. End your edited section with your first name only. If anyone in class is not comfortable using actual names, we will assign “handles” for class members to be used in conjunction with text color for tracking purposes.

Melony - red
Brent - green
Mark - purple
Emerson - black
Samantha - blue

Basic Netiquette for Students or "How to act on a Wiki".

Keep safe. All the same rules that apply to any Social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, apply to a Wiki. Never post personal information about yourself or someone else; ages, addresses, phone numbers, names of towns, or even places we work on the Internet are a no-no. Remember that information on the internet, never truly goes away. Be careful not to post things that may come back to haunt you later. This should not be a problem as most of the information we are building in this wiki is class-related and should stay that way!!!

Be Respectful (and nice). This wiki is an extension of the classroom. Treat others courteously and write with respect for all. The most important thing to remember is sarcasm hurts. Be overly friendly and be positive. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. If you have a question, review your Student Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy as needed. Failure to abide by these recommendations may result in the termination of school network privileges. This will have a negative effect on your class grades.

Do not delete the work of others deliberately. Unless it is part of the editing process and always inform others of a rewrite.

Check your grammar and spelling! Read, re-read, and proof-read before you click SAVE. Remember, once you press that button, you can't bring it back. Our Wiki is public & live on the web! Look everything over and use spell check to be sure everything is correct. Be certain that the editing is complete, then hit SAVE to publish.

Accurate Information, please! The Internet is a great source of information but information is only useful when it is accurate. Be sure to verify your source and always include source references and/or citation credit. Inserting a link to the actual source from your reference is common practice. This practice adds professionalism and legitimizes your data.

Ask first, then give credit. If you are gathering information or artistic works from people you know; this includes friend, family member, or distant acquaintance, be sure to ask permission to post their photos, pictures or pieces of writing. Never use first and last names of people that could identify them in a photo or video. After you have his/her permission to use the work, then you must also ask if you can post his/her name to give him/her credit. This is the plagiarism deal, and it is very important to adhere to all the rules on this one!

Be brief, to the point and logical. Keep it on topic. Use breaks in your text and formatting elements (event though they are limited) to make the page easier for others to read and understand. If you find it more useful, you can also write/type and format your work in Word and copy /paste the information into the wiki space.

Follow Directions. Be sure to follow the directions that are given for the assignment -- be creative, but within the parameters given on the page. If the directions are not clear to you, they may not be clear to others. We are all learning together. If you have a question, please ask!

Are you ready? Then LETS GET STARTED!