E-Commerce Impact on Business

New technology ( in the past 12 years) has made a significant impact on the way large corporations do business, maximizing efficiencies and greatly reducing costs. These technologies have changed the way business communicate both internally & externally.

The definition of business to business e-commerce is two or more businesses creating an interface between their respective inventories and procurement systems. The businesses use the electronic data interchange system which came about in the 1980's. That network link between the two helps them order new supplies. The more advanced EDI systems can see when the business is getting low on a certain supply and automatically updates it. On a large scare the system is sucessfull but they have to take into account the mutiple vendors that they use on a regular basis. Integrating the system to work with all of the different. In 1997 businesses were mostly doing business to business sales over the internet and that resulted in billions of dollars going to companies. The continued to grow at a rapid rate because by 1998 $43 billion dollars in business to business revenue was piled up. However most of the revenue was flowing between major companies like Dell and Cisco. By 2008 business to business sales skyrocketed to $90.2 trillion dollars, acounting for 93% of all e commerce.

Emerson has provided a good deal of facts and statistics, however does not specifically mention how the internet has changed communication. She does a fine job defining what business to business e-commerce is, but does no necessarily look at new technology within the past twelve years but more the 16 year range. The results displayed show the difference, and increase in popularity of e-commerce but doesn't really describe why. I was unable to view the source when going to check if it was credible or not but find the facts to be realistic.

New technology has helped a lot in the business world, especially when it comes to maximizing the businesses efficiently. How exactly has is maximized efficiency? New technology allows businesses to communicate with each other much more quickly rather than when businesses had to use the U.S. Postal Service to communicate; something that used to take at least a couple of days to do now takes hours or even minutes for businesses to communicate. Cell phones, webcams, and the internet allow businesses to communicate much more quickly which helps maximize the businesses efficiency. New technology has cut a lot of costly expenses that businesses used. Communication used to be costly but new technology has eliminated most expenses; most email services are free so it doesn’t cost much for businesses to communicate. New technology has also made it so quick and easy to transfer files from business to business. New technology has allowed businesses to maximize efficiency and it has also reduced some costs for the businesses.

Comment: The paragraph above shows how businesses communicate together using the internet. It does a good job describing how the companies do it as well.

Mark has addressed some of the key benefits that technolgy has provided to the business world. He talks a lot about the positive changes that it has brought to the business world but seems to avoid the disadvantages. The site he got this informatin from is accuarte and descriptive but seems to be one sided. It doesn't mention the drawbacks of technology, and it is important to recognize both the opportunites and the risks when using technology as a means of communication. Sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits, and it ends up not being worth it.

The use of technology in business, specifically, the internet has greatly impacted how businesses communicate internally. Technology has made it possible for international corporations to communicate amongst themselves. It's imperative that a company is on the same page. Therefore a business must be able to communicate with their many branches all over the world. Technology allows businesses to do this through Skype, and various other means of communication.

Large corporations also need to be able to send out information to their employees as a means of internal communication. Technology has greatly impacted the speed at which the necessary information makes it to the employees. It maximizes efficiency when memos can be sent via email to each employee rather than having to print each one out, and give it directly to the employee. Not only does this save time, it also cuts out the middle men. There is a decrease in man hours as technology increases because it replaces the tedious jobs, and saves the company money. Ultimately this will boost the company's profits.

Some issues with the increase in technology include the miscommunication that can arise when bosses communicate with their employees via email. Many a time emails can be misinterpreted, and or taken the wrong way. This can disrupt how the company functions. Ultimately the human element is more effective, because it cuts out any room for misinterpretation, but it lacks efficiency which seems to outweigh effectiveness.

Comment: Sam has done a great job describing the use of technology in an internal business setting. The sources used to gather this information seem to be very helpful in regards to understanding how technology is used to communicate within businesses. I believe that the source used by Sam is a reliable source because it shows both sides of the argument; technology has both improved and caused some minor problems, which were addressed. This source clearly isn’t biased for reasons I just stated in the last sentence. Overall this is a good post and it does a good well done in regards to the use of technology in internal communication between businesses.

New technology has greatly impacted businesses all over the world, and can have a positive impact if executed properly. If a business or large corporation creates an environment where data, internet protocol, and voice networks can be shared then communication can run smoothly and costs can potentially get cut. If an environment like this is established however, then businesses need to have a set of rules and guidelines on how members of the business communicate so that everything stays appropriate. A lot of the time when communcation is done on the internet rules get stretched, and language changes. Also with the increase of technology people are able to work from home rather than in the office which creates a huge communication barrier. When people work at home there are many distractions like kids, dinner, spouses,etc. Businesses may believe that its good that [Not finished]

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