The Overall Goal

For the next few weeks, our goal is to gather and compile current information about the subject of E-Commerce. We will be using this wiki as an online collaborative* tool to accomplish this goal. *That means everybody does their fair share!
Before we get ahead of ourselves let's learn alittle about this online learning tool ( a Wiki) and how we will use it.

I have set up individual pages that correspond to the smaller units in E-commerce as outlined in our, one and only, book resource, Business 2000 - E-Commerce by Dotty B. Oelkers. (Thank you, Dotty!)

The Current Units are:

Reference: Oelkers, Dotty Boen. E-commerce. Cincinnati, OH: South-Western/Thomas Learning, 2002. Print.

Each page contains topic specific information to gather and post. You can follow the links above or use the page links in the upper left of the page to navigate to the individual pages. Before you start posting, review expectations and assessment guidelines below.


Style of writing:

Use third person whenever possible! When adding info, think of yourself as writing an eBook. Refer to your sources within the sentence or paragraph structure and add a hyperlink to the actual resource site. Our end goal is to gather information, and compile a knowledge base of data on this subject, so that others can use it as a comprehensive resource.

General posting and contribution guidelines :

  1. My first expectation is that everyone will contribute at least one unique resource to each page. Your post should include a brief summary of the information and how it relates to the specific subject area. Include a reference to your resource and add the link to that web source. You can link to video, articles or any media that you feel is appropriate and gets your point across. Include a citation for your link in the references section at the bottom of each page. You can use EasyBib to create a the MLA style citation entry. For those that are familiar with Annotated Bibliographies, the primary post information correlates to summary and assesment.
  2. My second expectation is for you to add at least one comment on one peer's resource on each page. This will involve reading the source, and formulating your own opinions on it's worth and how it relates to the subject area. I am not looking for redundancy, but your own take on the value of the information. The comment information correlates to reflection in an Annotated Bibliograpy.
  3. My third expectation is for you to Explore and have fun with it! This is a new experience for all of us, experiment and you may be surprised and learn something more than just the in's and out's of online shopping and how companies do business on the web!
I recommend that you start with the What is E-Commerce? page to get a general feel for the general subject material. Beyond that, you are not required to proceed in any particular order.


Unit Assessments will include a review of your contribution on each page/subject area, and also on your overall contribution to the project. The overall contribution includes your commentary posting , value of the contribution, willingness to learn, attitude and enthusiasm, as well as quality of additional data added on the misc page. The Miscellaneous Fun Stuff page is where you can document sources that do not easily fit into any of the existing page catagories. At some point, we can go back and evaluate the information in order to incorporate it into our e-book (Wiki) wherever possible.

This project will replace one segment (1) of your (6) Assessment Portfolios as previously outlined in our course expectations.

The rubric to be used to evaluate your work is available here and is also posted on the Edline class page.

Wiki Rubric

Please Note: for sanity sake (mine & yours), you do not have rights to edit this page or our home page.